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22/09/2022 - Case Studies

Case Study Certior: Scalability through innovation

How private market pioneers are using a tech-enabled partnership to accelerate growth while adding value for investors

22/09/2022 - Industry News

Your step-by-step guide to regulatory compliant ESG output

At AssetMetrix we are following all the different initiatives and regulation to ensure that our solution covers all requirements and supports standardizing data, wherever it makes sense.

19/09/2022 - Industry News

3 ESG-related areas technology can provide real value for

Regulatory changes putting pressure on private market participants to disclose and report on ESG are now providing a massive push for the industry to look to technological applications to simplify their ESG journey. This article takes a look at 3 ESG-related areas where technology can act as a game changer for private capital investors.

15/09/2022 - Company News

Circle Eleven mandates AssetMetrix to develop and operate an online investor portal

Circle Eleven, the Hamburg and Munich-based private equity boutique, is partnering with AssetMetrix to further enhance its investor communications with the help of the technology-enabled solution provider.

13/09/2022 - Industry News

3 pressing ESG challenges for private capital investors

This article takes a look at the most pressing challenges private markets participants are faced with and showcases one solution helping investors get prepared of what is to come.

06/09/2022 - Case Studies

Case Study BNP Paribas Securities Services: Leveraging technology in private capital

How the partnership with AssetMetrix enables BNP Paribas Securities Services to offer innovative solutions generating enhanced transparency

05/09/2022 - Industry News

Understanding the EU Sustainable Finance Regulatory landscape

This article gives an overview of the most important ESG regulations for the industry, the status of each of them and an outlook of what’s to come.

25/08/2022 - Industry News

Café au Lait with BNPP – Digitalisation in Private Equity

As part of the latest episode of "Café au Lait with BNPP", our expert Sarah Lehr was invited to talk about digitalisation, reporting, ESG and analytics in private markets.

11/08/2022 - Company News

Remaco chooses AssetMetrix as partner for digitalisation of its private debt activities

With the support of AssetMetrix, Remaco's clients have 24x7x365 access to an innovative web portal and thus have comprehensive and professional reporting at their disposal at all times.

09/08/2022 - Company News

Technology transformation in private equity (PE) – How fund managers and investors can turn challenges into opportunities

As part of the BAI Anniversary Brochure 2022, AssetMetrix’ Chief Technology Officer Dr. Dimitris Matalliotakis shared insights on the topic of technology transformation in private equity.

19/07/2022 - Insights

Outsourcing vs insourcing: is there another way?

Clifford Norton and Gilles Pelosato of AssetMetrix explore the key drivers behind both outsourcing and insourcing, and explain how technology-as-a-service can offer an alternative path.

22/06/2022 - Company News

Meet our new Deputy Head of Technology, Vassilios Antonopoulos

Welcome to our new Deputy Head of Technology, Vassilios Antonopoulos who has recently joined our team in Luxembourg.

08/06/2022 - Insights

Maximizing accuracy of Value at Risk figures

Proper risk measurement for private capital funds is notoriously difficult due to the challenges associated with the asset class’s inherent illiquidity. Many applied risk calculation methods are often only heuristic or rely heavily on public market assumptions.

01/06/2022 - Company News

AssetMetrix further strengthens technological capabilities, hiring experienced financial services expert as Deputy Head of Technology

We are delighted to announce Vasileios Antonopoulos has joined AssetMetrix as Deputy Head of Technology.

31/05/2022 - Industry News

LPEA’s Carried Weekly session “PE Tech Explained”

As part of the LPEA’s Carried Weekly session “PE Tech Explained”, AssetMetrix’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Dimitris Matalliotakis, was asked to share his thoughts on technology in private markets.

04/05/2022 - Insights

Creating Values: Behind the ESG Revolution in Private Equity

Together with Private Equity Wire we hosted a virtual panel to discuss LPs’ concerns when it comes to ESG, how GPs can use ESG to create value and the view on third-party measurement & potential industry convergence around metrics.

05/04/2022 - Company News

Meet our Chief Information Security Officer

Meet the AssetMetrix team! Read the interview with our Chief Information Security Officer: Andreas Englisch

30/03/2022 - Insights

AssetMetrix-supported LP Sentiment Survey finds investors placing great importance on GPs’ level of technology adoption

Together with Brackendale Consulting, a global agency specializing in marketing and PR within the alternative assets space, AssetMetrix set out to explore the use of technology in private equity operations and attitudes of LPs towards technology innovation.

25/03/2022 - Company News

AssetMetrix awarded for Best Accounting and Reporting Solution in Private Equity Wire European Awards 2022

AssetMetrix has received the award for Best Accounting and Reporting Solution at the Private Equity Wire European Awards 2022.

24/02/2022 - Insights

Private Equity and ESG: how digital platform solutions support LPs along their ESG journey

The dynamic landscape of ESG includes many facets and focus areas. In the following, we concentrate on the practical underlying aspects of data collection, data utilization and its communication through visualizations. We show how all those aspects can be addressed through a digital platform-based solution, enabling value creation.

08/02/2022 - Company News

AssetMetrix expands operations to London, hiring an experienced private capital expert to head its Business Development across the UK & Ireland

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Clifford Norton as Head of Business Development UK & Ireland.

13/01/2022 - Company News

AssetMetrix strengthens its activities in Luxembourg, with further private markets professional joining the team

Alexander Wedlich, heading the Luxembourg base created in August last year, will be supported by recently hired Business Development Associate, Margot Ripoll.

10/01/2022 - Company News

Review of 2021 – a challenging yet exciting year

Despite the challenges the pandemic continues to bring, we managed to make 2021 a strong year for AssetMetrix.

06/12/2021 - Insights

Evolving technology in Private Capital

Dr. Dimitris Matalliotakis, Chief Technology Officer at AssetMetrix shares his view on how the adoption of technology in Private Capital evolved in 2020 - 2021, the biggest challenges and his key predictions for technological advancements in the next 2-3 years.

15/10/2021 - Insights

A seat in the heart of the private capital community

Learn how AssetMetrix is entering the Luxembourg private capital ecosystem driving digitisation, standardisation and automation.

15/10/2021 - Insights

AssetMetrix is bringing process optimisation to Luxembourg

We are looking forward to building strong partnerships in Luxembourg!

07/10/2021 - Insights

AssetMetrix opens branch office in Luxembourg and hires Head of Business Development Luxembourg, Belgium and France

Alexander Wedlich will be heading the new branch in Luxembourg and AssetMetrix’ activities to support rapid growth in Europe and a greater focus on Asset Servicers

06/10/2021 - Company News

AssetMetrix opens branch office in Luxembourg

We are delighted to announce the opening of a branch office in Luxembourg and Alexander Wedlich joining AssetMetrix as Head of Business Development Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

06/07/2021 - Insights

The future of data analytics in Private Markets

With investors demanding more transparency and insights from their fund managers, the ability to access, analyse, and adequately present data is gaining importance among successful private market participants. During a panel hosted by PE Wire we covered these topics from different angles, showcasing perspectives from a fund-of-funds, a VC fund, a placement agent, and a service provider.

07/06/2021 - Publications

Private capital investors pushed to invest in tech – Interview in European Service Provider Insights

Read the interview with Moritz Haarmann, Head of Product Development at AssetMetrix to find out more on the push for private equity managers to integrate increasingly sophisticated tools into their processes and the importance of delivering high quality data in a timely manner.

05/05/2021 - Publications

Private equity automation: how investors boost efficiency

In a special publication of WELT, AssetMetrix focuses on the topic of automation in Private Equity, particularly with regard to how investors can ensure greater efficiency.

29/04/2021 - Publications

Ushering in the future – Interview in Private Equity Wire Data Management & Analytics Report

Read the interview with Marcus Pietz, Head of Analytics at AssetMetrix to find out more on how data analytics and tools are evolving to help managers map potential future risks and outcomes.

23/04/2021 - Insights

AssetMetrix & IPEM ESG Best Practice Webinar

Having recently been awarded as “Best ESG solution provider” by Private Equity Wire readership, AssetMetrix has taken the opportunity to host a webinar on “An accelerating ESG imperative for Private Equity?” in cooperation with IPEM.

08/04/2021 - Publications

Profiting from digitalisation in private equity

In a special publication in Handelsblatt, AssetMetrix addresses the topic of digitalisation around Private Equity, particularly regarding how fund managers and investors can benefit from digitization.

26/03/2021 - Company News

AssetMetrix awarded as Best ESG Solution Provider in Private Equity Wire European Awards 2021

AssetMetrix has won the award for Best ESG Solution at the Private Equity Wire European Awards 2021.

24/03/2021 - Company News

Reichmuth & Co trusts AssetMetrix to digitise its infrastructure activities

Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG, a subsidiary of the Swiss owner-managed private banking group Reichmuth & Co, has gained AssetMetrix as a partner for the digitalisation of its infrastructure activities.

23/03/2021 - Company News

AssetMetrix appoints Head of Account Management to centralize client relationships

AssetMetrix has established an Account Management function within its Business Development team, re-affirming its commitment to building strong relationships and client satisfaction.

18/03/2021 - Insights

Factor Benchmarking for Private Capital Funds

Find out more about the new factor benchmark section in the AssetMetrix portal.

08/03/2021 - Insights

AssetMetrix discussing the New LP-GP relationship at the Private Equity Exchange Awards 2021

At this year’s digital Private Equity Exchange Awards AssetMetrix Founder & CEO Emmeram von Braun was part of an interesting panel on “The New LP-GP Relationship” on 4th March 2021.

24/02/2021 - Company News

AssetMetrix supports ARAG in the digitalisation and administration of the alternative investments portfolio

The German insurance group ARAG has chosen AssetMetrix as its new partner for the expansion of digital back and middle office processes for its alternative investments portfolio.

09/02/2021 - Publications

What Opportunities do Portfolio Analysis offer in Private Equity?

In a special publication in Handelsblatt, AssetMetrix addresses the topic of portfolio analytics, specifically how private equity investors and fund managers can benefit from such analyses.

26/01/2021 - Insights

Key factors of successful client onboarding projects

Our Team Lead Client Onboarding Dominik Dreyer shares what he considers to be the 5 most important key factors.

19/01/2021 - Publications

ESG in Private Equity: holistic integration in the investment process

ESG is becoming increasingly important for investors and fund managers in Private Equity and AssetMetrix dedicates a special publication in Handelsblatt to this topic

15/01/2021 - Company News

Review of 2020 – an unusual year

Despite many challenges, we managed to make 2020 a strong year for AssetMetrix. Emmeram von Braun, Founder and CEO of AssetMetrix, looks back on an unusual year.

11/01/2021 - Publications

Digital is making a place in funds back-office

Read Private Equity Magazine's dossier "Digital is making a place in funds back-office" in which our Head of Business Development France, Julien Thébault talks about the establishment of AssetMetrix in France and Karine Litou, Global Head of Products & Solutions Private Equity at BNP Paribas Securities Services, shares insights on the partnership with AssetMetrix digitizing the lives of GPs and LPs.

09/12/2020 - Publications

Full ESG integration on the horizon

Read the interview with Moritz Haarmann, Head of Product Development & Hanne Dybesland, Product Development at AssetMetrix to find out more.

19/11/2020 - Insights

Understanding the universal concept behind Kaplan Schoar PME

Do you also feel you missed something important about the famous Kaplan Schoar Public Market Equivalent? This blog post helps you to understand its success and popularity.

14/10/2020 - Company News

AssetMetrix appoints new Head of Marketing to support international growth

We are delighted to announce that we are strengthening our team with the hire of Caroline Steinort who has joined AssetMetrix as Head of Marketing as of October 1, 2020.

07/10/2020 - Company News

Gilles Pelosato joins AssetMetrix Management Board as Chief Revenue Officer

We are delighted to announce that senior executive Gilles Pelosato joins AssetMetrix as Chief Revenue Officer as of September 15, 2020 to head its global business development and marketing activities.

31/07/2020 - Publications

GP focus on core activities highlights need for technology

Read our article in Private Equity Wire Technology Innovations in Focus 2020.

08/05/2020 - Glossary

ESG Transparency and ESG Management in Private Equity – Definition and Solutions

Environmental, social & governance are three central factors in measuring sustainability and ethical impact within a company.

16/04/2020 - Glossary

Portfolio Analysis for Private Equity Portfolios – Definition and Explanation

Portfolio Analytics comprises all quantitative models and evaluations that provide investors, fund managers, and other market participants with in-depth analyses of private equity portfolios.

02/03/2020 - Publications

How technology is changing manager operations

Read our article in the 2020 Preqin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report.

17/02/2020 - Company News

AssetMetrix is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment

Since January 2020, the Munich-based asset servicer AssetMetrix has been an official signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), thus making a direct contribution to a sustainable global financial system.

06/02/2020 - Company News

Change in the management team of AssetMetrix

Mr. David Salim has stepped down from his company functions on the best terms and in mutual agreement by the end of January 2020 to take up new professional challenges.

19/11/2019 - Publications

BNP Paribas Securities Services expands its private capital offering with stake in fintech AssetMetrix

BNP Paribas Securities Services announces it has taken a strategic stake in the capital of fintech AssetMetrix.

08/10/2019 - Publications

AssetMetrix launches new GP Portal

Since October 2019 AssetMetrix has been offering fund managers a new platform: the AssetMetrix GP portal.

25/06/2019 - Publications

Private Capital Analytics – Support for investment decision, risk management and controlling

Read our article in the Absolut|spezial.

03/05/2019 - Glossary

What is Asset Management? – Definition and Solutions

25/02/2019 - Publications

Private Equity Investing in the Information Age

Read our article in the 2019 Preqin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report.

03/12/2018 - Company News

AssetMetrix turns five

The Munich-based company AssetMetrix celebrates its 5th birthday in December and can look back with much satisfaction on developments in recent years.

20/11/2018 - Company News

AssetMetrix supports HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management as sponsor

On September 1, 2018 AssetMetrix became sponsor and partner of the "Center for Corporate Transactions & Private Equity" (CCTPE) at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL).

24/09/2018 - Publications

Next Generation Asset Servicing – David Salim, of AssetMetrix, reflects on the technological advancements benefitting asset servicing

Read our article in The Drawdown.

04/09/2018 - Publications

Private Capital Analytics – Support for investment decision, risk management and controlling

Read our article in the Absolut|report.

30/07/2018 - Company News

AssetMetrix keen to take on young talent

The Munich-based fintech enterprise recognizes the importance of promoting young, talented people who have contributed to the success of AssetMetrix with a high level of commitment and know-how since it was founded in 2013.

25/07/2018 - Company News

AssetMetrix continues its growth path

Europe's leading next generation asset servicer remained on grow course in 2018 and is delighted to be able to serve a growing number of customers.

14/06/2018 - Insights

AssetMetrix Insights: LP Forecasting as a sound basis for planning and expectations management

To find out more, read our whitepaper.

05/06/2018 - Company News

David Salim joins AssetMetrix Management Board as Head of Business Development

We are delighted to announce that senior private equity executive David Salim joins AssetMetrix management board.

08/01/2018 - Company News

AssetMetrix looks back on a successful year 2017

In 2017, AssetMetrix built on its position as Europe’s leading provider of high-end analytics and individual asset servicing for private capital investors.

22/11/2017 - Company News

On course for success with Tableau and The Information Lab

As Europe’s leading provider of high-end analytics and individual asset servicing for private capital investors, AssetMetrix puts its trust in Tableau when it comes to data visualization.

25/06/2017 - Publications

AssetMetrix article in the BVK-Courier

AssetMetrix publishes article in the BVK-Courier for the 18th German Private Equity Conference.

25/06/2017 - Company News

AssetMetrix at the 18th German Private Equity Conference in Berlin

On June 21, 2017, the BVK held the 18th German Private Equity Conference in Berlin.

25/05/2017 - Publications

AssetMetrix in the Absolut|report

AssetMetrix publishes study on "Private Capital Operations in the digital age".

25/05/2017 - Insights

AssetMetrix publishes study: “Ready for the Change? Private Capital Operations in the Digital Age”

Digital transformation has meanwhile reached the private capital industry.

25/04/2017 - Company News

AssetMetrix extends market leadership as asset servicer

Munich-based AssetMetrix continues to chart a successful course.

25/03/2017 - Company News

Next Generation Asset Servicing – AssetMetrix undertakes middle- and back-office tasks for Sonanz

AssetMetrix has gained another new client in the form of Sonanz, a Munich-based fund-of-funds manager.

25/12/2016 - Company News

AssetMetrix is joint venture partner of INSTICUBE

The directors of IPE International Publishers Limited announce the formation of a new joint venture, INSTICUBE, to take over and further develop the PFPP Research Programme which was founded by IPE in 2012.

25/09/2016 - Company News

New client Mecklenburgische Versicherung benefitting from AssetMetrix Services

Mecklenburgische Versicherung has been working with AssetMetrix since September 2016.

25/09/2016 - Company News

Novum Capital is a new client for AssetMetrix

Since August 2016 AssetMetrix has been providing services to the investment firm Novum Capital.

25/09/2016 - Company News

AssetMetrix continues to grow

AssetMetrix’s growth helped by trend towards outsourcing and search for the right service provider.

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