Special publication on ESG in Private Equity in Handelsblatt

Holistic integration of ESG in the investment process

ESG is becoming increasingly important for investors and fund managers in private equity and AssetMetrix dedicates a special publication in Handelsblatt to this topic.

In the article, AssetMetrix discusses why the integration of ESG criteria is becoming essential in the private capital industry. In particular, the pressure from regulatory authorities on all market participants and the striving for more transparency are mentioned.

Although private equity and ESG generally seem very compatible, both LPs and GPs face several challenges when integrating ESG. Many issues are raised around data collection, quality of data and standardization.

As the winner of Private Equity Wire’s 2021 “Best ESG Solution Provider” award, AssetMetrix supports private equity investors and fund managers with a holistic integration of ESG modules.

For General Partners, the ESG Management Module is based on current ESG requirements (including LP Reporting, risk management, impact investing) and helps with digital workflows for data collection. For Limited Partners, the ESG Transparency Module provides support for identifying, managing, and monitoring ESG risks and opportunities.

Read the Handelsblatt special publication now to learn more.

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