AssetMetrix, Business Partner

On Course for Success with Tableau and The Information Lab

As Europe’s leading provider of high-end analytics and individual asset servicing for private capital investors, AssetMetrix puts its trust in Tableau when it comes to data visualization. The market-leading software product makes it possible to portray market and portfolio data in an appealing way and provide diverse analysis via its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Its powerful data engine enables the application to process gigantic volumes of data within a few seconds and provide them to customers in an interactive experience.

In order to ensure optimal implementation and ongoing use of Tableau, AssetMetrix collaborates with the Tableau sales partner "The Information Lab". With its wealth of experience, the service provider has helped integrate the software in the complex AssetMetrix IT platform and the existing portal landscape.

Dimitris Matalliotakis, Head of Information Systems at AssetMetrix, is enthusiastic about working together with The Information Lab: "Not only was it a straightforward matter to implement Tableau, the continuous evolution of the system to meet the needs of AssetMetrix also functions seamlessly. I really appreciate the high degree of technical expertise and the professionalism of their consultants. The required know-how is transferred in a regular series of in-house training sessions, allowing us to establish real Tableau professionals at AssetMetrix within a short time. Colleagues from IT, product development, and operations are now adept in the use of Tableau, which means they can respond swiftly to changing customer requirements.”

Dirk Strobel, managing director of The Information Lab, is happy to collaborate with AssetMetrix: "In order to make the right decisions in a data-driven business world, it is essential to analyze the relevant data. Well-structured, interactive dashboards visualize and make it possible to draw new conclusions. Leveraging its complex IT system, the FinTech company AssetMetrix enables private capital investors to analyze key market and portfolio data. Tableau makes it possible to visualize complex analyses. We are very happy to play a part in making the innovative services offered by AssetMetrix a success through the implementation of Tableau.” About The Information Lab

The Information Lab is based in Hamburg and has been a dependable partner of Tableau and Alteryx in the DACH region for many years. With its team of certified specialists, The Information Lab assists its customers in successfully implementing the necessary software and supports the entire process, including selecting the right software product, providing the licenses, and training staff members.