AssetMetrix, annual review

Review of 2023 – Navigating innovation and embracing change

Munich, January 2024

2023 was a year of evolution and achievements in sometimes challenging times. Our journey was shaped by innovation, persistence, and teamwork.

In the beginning of the year, we proudly secured the “Best Accounting and Reporting Solution” award from Private Equity Wire for the second consecutive year. This recognition reflects our continued commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions in a challenging industry. We not only welcomed new clients from the DACH and the UK region, but we also expanded our contracts and services with existing clients, solidifying our foothold in the industry.

Our partnership with BNPP advanced to an accelerated growth, underlining the relevance of our technological platform to an industry that is increasingly transitioning to digital setups and the strength of our collaborative functionalities. In this dynamic market landscape, we achieved 37% revenue growth during a challenging year for private markets. Significant progress was made in reinforcing our tech-as-a-service strategy, gaining substantial support on the client side.

As we enter 2024, our founder Emmeram von Braun handed the CEO position to our long-time Product and Technology Officer Dimitris Matalliotakis, while Emmeram moved to take the Chairmanship of our Advisory Board. He will continue to be closely involved with the company. While this transition pays tribute to Dimitris’ contributions to AssetMetrix to date, it also recognizes the ever-growing importance of technology in our company’s offering and permits corresponding fresh perspectives on strategic vision and innovation in a fast-evolving industry. In this context, we are excited about the growth opportunities ahead of us. Alongside this transition, we are thrilled to introduce our management team, composed of Dimitris, Barbara, and Frank.

We extend our appreciation to our clients and partners for entrusting us with their mandates and we equally thank our team members, who maintained the high standards our customers expect with their adaptability and determination.

We look forward to another year of growth and achievement, and wish everyone a healthy, successful, and prosperous 2024!

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