Review, Growth, Report Q1 2017


Munich-based AssetMetrix continues to chart a successful course, with assets under service growing by a further 20% during the first quarter of 2017. As an innovative asset servicer, it currently manages portfolios with a total volume exceeding EUR 4.1 billion, covering more than 400 funds. And the numbers are still rising. The customer base is also growing steadily and now includes fund-of-funds managers, insurance companies, pension funds and fund managers from all over Europe.

With its integrated digital portal, AssetMetrix is convincing more and more private capital investors of the benefits of using its services, including automatic data gathering, centralized data storage, customized reports, and integrated work flows. This unique combination helps improve operational efficiency, while at the same time lowering overall costs.

In February, AssetMetrix launched the General Partner Portal, which is now available alongside the tried-and-tested Limited Partner Portal. One of principal components of the General Partner Portal is “LP Reporting” which enables fund managers to report to investors (LPs) on the basis of convenient and state-of-the-art information flows. The new digital product, which can be configured to the specific requirements of the user, is available 24/7. In addition to aggregated data from a portfolio perspective, the investor also receives detailed information and analyses from fund to portfolio company level. Not only does this approach create absolute transparency, it also helps all parties concerned to comply with regulatory requirements. Using a professional portal also enables fund managers to stand out from the competition, thus providing another useful tool for sales and marketing.

The digital transformation currently sweeping across all sectors of business has also reached the private capital sector. AssetMetrix provides access to an innovative and integrated platform, on which investors can build their business models for the future. With it, they can achieve the digital transition almost overnight.