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Increased reporting requirements are fuelling the need for private market participants to analyse, condense, and present growing amounts of data in a meaningful way. Validating the output as well as achieving consistency and accuracy of a report place high demands on the report production process. Additionally, timeliness of reporting is gaining importance.

AssetMetrix is offering reporting suite that helps solve the following challenges:

File-based Reporting

AssetMetrix has built up a flexible production line for the creation of reports. The solution is based on a leading reporting software that allows to create pixel-perfect reports. With that state-of-the-art reporting engine, we already have more than 250 ready-to-use Private Capital relevant visualizations available. Those cover a wide set of reporting requirements for LPs & GPs. We continuously extend this set of standard reporting elements and implement customer-specific elements. Each element could be configured in different languages and can be customized to the client specific layout requirements.

All selected elements are brought together in a unique configuration for your fund or investment structure. Together with other relevant meta data and parameters the report definition is completed and finally stored in our configuration database. This simplifies report execution and allows to deliver the desired reporting in short time.

As all file-based reports use our data warehouse/data marts technology and the underlying calculation methods you have full consistency over all data points.

You want to add something? No worries – with our solution we can also include your comments, text and picture elements into the reports to give your stakeholder the maximum benefit.

Below you will find an excerpt from a sample report

What you can expect:

  • Customized reports for different internal and external stakeholders
  • Efficient, reliable, and robust reporting processes that ensure high quality and timely delivery
  • Consistent data over all your reports
  • Strong support from a team of dedicated reporting experts
  • Quarterly and annual reports aligned with the leading industry standards
  • Solvency II TPT reporting for regulated investors
  • Regulatory reporting, e.g. central bank reports for funds, depending on the mandate setup and the operating country of the investment pooling vehicle
  • Automation of data feeds into your IT systems

Web-based Reporting

Customers have the possibility to analyse their data in more detail via web-based reporting and interactive insights with the help of visualisations. The portals reflect the latest cash flows and transactions in the portfolio near-time. Through a combination of visualizations and different perspectives, we create an understanding and awareness of trends in investments in parallel to any extended view within a Quarterly Reporting which usually comprises much more fixed defined graphs and tables.

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