AssetMetrix, Case Study

SOKA-BAU: Effortless decision-making through AssetMetrix technology solution ensuring data certainty


SOKA-BAU’s continued growth in their alternative investment portfolio led to challenges in managing significant amounts of data which diverted the team’s time and focus from critical tasks.

To effectively support a strong investment portfolio, it was crucial to establish a set-up enabling accurate data management and an effortless decision-making process for a growing private markets portfolio.


The main goal was to establish a robust set-up to address their key challenges faced in data collection and accuracy.

Why AssetMetrix

Key reasons why AssetMetrix was chosen:

  • Solution-oriented mentality: AssetMetrix’ proactive approach to problem solving fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that challenges are met with effective solutions
  • Tailored to costumers needs: AssetMetrix’ customized solution allows for precise alignment to unique business requirements, ensuring seamless integration
  • Private market expertise: Dedicated resources with specialised private markets knowledge facilitated the onboarding process and ensures a high level of ongoing service quality
  • Digital efficiency: AssetMetrix’ ability to optimise the infrastructure, eliminated the need for internal resources to maintain portals, workflows, reporting and analytics

“AssetMetrix knowledge and flexibility provided us with a solid set-up that can be trusted for efficient data collection which leads to increased efficiency and certainty. A great first step for SOKA-BAU towards an integrated end-to-end solution for our private markets portfolio!”

Gregor Asshof, Member of the Board, SOKA-BAU

Full case study

To gain a better understanding of the partnership, the solutions developed and the benefits created, find the full case study below:

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