AssetMetrix, Business Partner, Joint Venture


Today, the directors of IPE International Publishers Limited announce the formation of a new joint venture, INSTICUBE, to take over and further develop the PFPP Research Programme which was founded by IPE in 2012.

PFPP – the Pension Fund Perception Programme – has been successfully established as a unique and comprehensive source of information about the overall performance in service by asset managers for their institutional clients.

To create the new joint venture company, IPE has joined with Carsten Eckert, a leading figure in institutional markets with more than 25 years of experience; with AssetMetrix GmbH, Europe’s leading provider of high-end analytics and tailored asset servicing for private capital investors; and with a group of private individuals with relevant experience in institutional markets.

Piers Diacre, Chairman & CEO of IPE, said, “I have known Carsten for a decade and have worked with him in his roles as a Pension Consultant, Director of a Pension Fund, and as CEO of two different Asset Managers. Therefore I know that he is perfectly prepared to be the CEO of INSTICUBE."

INSTICUBE will acquire the assets of the PFPP Research Programme from IPE International Publishers Limited in a transaction due to complete early next year.

INSTICUBE will be based in Munich, Germany with planned operations in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, and The Netherlands. About the joint venture partners

IPE INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS LIMITED is a privately-held United Kingdom company which was founded in 1997. IPE is one of the leading information providers to institutional investors in Europe. The company is based in London, United Kingdom. CONTACT: Liam Kennedy, Director. +44 203 465 9301.

INSTICUBE will be a privately-held German company owned by IPE International Publishers, Asset Metrix GmbH, Carsten Eckert and management, together with a group of individual private investors. The company will be based in Munich, Germany. It will commence operations in early 2017.
CONTACT: Carsten G. Eckert, CEO.