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ARAG: Enhancing consistency, control and transparency across the private market portfolio


ARAG has been investing in the private market asset classes for an extensive time, leading to a large alternative investment portfolio. The steady growth made administration of cashflow events, setting up a consistent reporting framework, and providing transparency of portfolio companies in the investment funds especially challenging.

To set-up an operational structure suited to the increasing transparency needs, ARAG decided to strengthen selected internal functions (investment team, tax, legal & finance) whilst outsourcing the middle and back office as well as analytics to an expert service provider.


The main goal was to establish a robust operational set-up and procedures, enabling ARAG to continue increasing its investment capacity.

Why AssetMetrix

Key reasons why AssetMetrix was chosen:

  • Highest standards: AssetMetrix is a EU-based expert, operating under strict data protection rules and possessing the required certifications
  • Tailored services: Whilst providing a tried & tested solution, the company is still flexible to integrate customer specific requirements
  • Private market understanding: The provision of dedicated, skilled resources for the integral onboarding phase and continued servicing
  • Digital means: No need for internal tech resources to set-up and maintain the portal, digital workflows, reporting and analytics

“The partnership with AssetMetrix has created a solid basis for ARAG to continue investing in private markets. The set-up has improved the transparency, consistency and robustness of the investment process.”

Dirk Schoene, Head of Group Asset Management, ARAG

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