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AssetMetrix appoints Head of Account Management to centralize client relationships

AssetMetrix has established an Account Management function within its Business Development team, re-affirming its commitment to building strong relationships and client satisfaction.

AssetMetrix has grown steadily in recent years and has been able to acquire several dozen new clients. With increasing levels of regulation and complexity in private capital, the need for proactive engagement with these existing customers has risen. “AssetMetrix puts its clients at the heart of what we do and this appointment of a dedicated Account Management function is an integral element of our client-centric goal. This strategic approach to Client Relationship Management enables us to stay closer to our clients and thus further increase satisfaction through more intensive support,” Gilles Pelosato, Chief Revenue Officer at AssetMetrix, commented.

Having a dedicated account management function enables AssetMetrix to meet its complex client needs early on. The establishment of an Account Management, allows AssetMetrix to partner with its clients and ensure that they receive access to tailor-made, innovative solutions. ”The key lies in proactive engagement, responding to external and internal requirements to essentially provide additional value to our clients.” To run a successful Account Management requires an experienced manager, who AssetMetrix has found internally in the person of Joerg von Taube. Having joined AssetMetrix in 2017, von Taube has more than 20 years of experience in various senior positions centered around business development and financial services. In addition to 15 years on the liquid side, he has now gained over 5 years of experience in the field of alternative assets.

Von Taube explained: “The Account Management will define new goals together with its clients and support them in reaching their own goals more efficiently. AssetMetrix will leverage the close cooperation with its customers to further develop and offer even more client-oriented solutions. Strategically supporting client development will promote the interests of both partners equally.”

About AssetMetrix

AssetMetrix is Europe’s leading next generation asset servicer. We offer modular outsourcing solutions for private capital investors: front-, middle- and back-office solutions for Limited Partners and General Partners.

Our services enable private capital investors to free up their own resources for making investment decisions, benefit from our secure IT system and state-of-the-art analytics, and increase in-house transparency for optimal decision-making.

AssetMetrix has more than 20 years of experience as a service provider in institutional capital investment and operates without conflicts of interest.