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Certior Capital: Scalability through innovation


The founders of Certior Capital began investing in private markets three decades ago and have managed two similar businesses before establishing the current operation. Over that period they have followed several different reporting and administration approaches and also witnessed the rapid increase in size and sophistication of the market. While establishing its first fund, Certior needed a solution to allow it to rapidly and efficiently scale the business and at the same time achieve the institutional quality that their investors expected.


The following challenges needed to be addressed by Certior:

  • Being able to focus internal resources on value-adding activities whilst ensuring institutional quality set-up from the start
  • Continuously keeping up with tech innovations and being able to rapidly adapt to new technologies
  • Ensuring a set-up enabling the capture, processing and exchange of an ever-increasing amount of data
  • Digitalising and automating whilst keeping pace with the own business growth
  • Providing reporting for full investor and regulatory satisfaction

Why AssetMetrix

Certior was impressed by the solution-oriented approach and innovative mindset AssetMetrix showed, tying in well with Certior’s own culture and thinking.

“AssetMetrix has been an indispensable partner for us as a first-time fund manager that has allowed us to clearly focus our resources on what we do best – investing. Having a specialist ensuring best practice in terms of transparency, flexibility and innovation in our reporting and administration greatly helps our continuous growth and the long term success of our business.”

Timo Hara, Founder & Partner, Certior Capital

Full case study

To gain a better understanding of the partnership, the challenges faced and solutions developed, find the full case study below:

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