Working students and interns

AssetMetrix keen to take on young talent

AssetMetrix, Europe’s leading next generation asset servicer, operates in a dynamic, rapidly developing environment and working hard with its team of experts to take digitalization to the next level. The Munich-based fintech enterprise recognizes the importance of promoting young, talented people who have contributed to the success of AssetMetrix with a high level of commitment and know-how since it was founded in 2013.

These young people support the AssetMetrix team across all its core areas: Administrative Services, Operations, Information Systems, Business Development, Product Development, and Marketing. In 2017, AssetMetrix already employed five interns and nineteen working students, seven of whom have meanwhile become permanent members of the team.

Sabine Linder, personnel recruiter at AssetMetrix, comments: "We are always on the lookout for young talents and are, of course, very happy whenever interns or working students decide to join AssetMetrix after completing their studies or training courses. It saves us a great deal of lengthy, tedious recruiting procedures and onboarding is no longer necessary. Moreover, the knowledge these young talents have built up around our services and systems stays in-house. Apart from that, we no longer have to say goodbye to team members we have come to hold in high regard."

The feedback from our interns and working students is thoroughly positive:
Felix Keil, who previously worked as a student for AssetMetrix and is now permanently employed in the field of Operations, says: "I worked as a student at AssetMetrix the whole time I was studying for my Master’s degree. Apart from having the opportunity to work with a great team of people, I also gained fascinating insights into the private capital sector. For these reasons I am very happy to have been offered a permanent position at AssetMetrix after successfully completing my studies. As a result of the mutual "practical test", I am certain I’ve found a suitable employer."

Vincent Finkenwirth, a former intern in the Product Development department also remarks: "What I particularly liked about my internship at AssetMetrix was the fact that I was given a lot of responsibility right from the beginning. After an intensive training period in our IT core system, I was soon assigned my own projects and able to make adjustments on the platform independently. At the same time, my colleagues were always ready to offer me advice and assistance and helped me improve myself. I will begin my study course in the coming semester and can well imagine working for AssetMetrix during my studies."

AssetMetrix is not only happy about the support it receives from interns and working students in its daily business, but also about their participation in regular events such as the annual barbeque, the company run, the visit to the Oktoberfest, and the Christmas party.

Want to join the AssetMetrix team?

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