AssetMetrix on technology in Preqin 2020 Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report

How technology is changing manager operations

Dr. Dimitris Matalliotakis, Head of Information Systems at AssetMetrix shared his view on the key motivations driving managers to adopt new processes and what’s new for digitalisation in the industry as part of an interview with Preqin for the 2020 Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report.

The publication starts out by looking at how technology has been adopted within private equity over the years. Dimitris explains how data has historically been managed with rather low-tech products but also mentions exceptions to this slow uptake of technology within private equity. Whilst very few have had the capacity to develop proprietary applications, others are choosing to license applications from software vendors.

In the interview Dimitris also looks at the reasons driving fund managers to adopt technology. He mentions the growth of fund managers, having to manage more clients, more service providers and essentially more data, raising pressure to utilise modern technologies to deliver reports in higher quality. Other reasons include client demand to adopt technology to ensure regulatory compliance is fulfilled.

AssetMetrix’ Head of Information Systems also presents some insights into solutions investors and fund managers are looking for. These include solutions

  • producing any firm-specific KPIs, consolidations or aggregations in a more efficient, reliable and a highly automated manner
  • allowing real-time reporting, enabling digital workflows and generally digitizing the exchange of data and documents

As part of the interview Dimitris was also asked to share his expert view on what’s next for technology in private equity. To understand his thoughts on future advancements in the industry, read the entire article in the 2020 Preqin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report:


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