AssetMetrix, References, New Client

AssetMetrix supports ARAG in the digitalisation and administration of the alternative investments portfolio

The German insurance group ARAG has chosen AssetMetrix as its new partner for the expansion of digital back and middle office processes for its alternative investments portfolio. Going forward, ARAG will use AssetMetrix’s innovative, portal-based platform to analyse its investment decisions based on the reliable tools for performance, risk management, benchmarking and programme allocation as well as forecasts of performance and cash flows. In addition to the daily investment analysis in the portal, customised quarterly reports are also available. Furthermore, the administrative support provided by AssetMetrix enables the efficient growth of the alternative investments portfolio.

Emmeram von Braun, founder and managing director of AssetMetrix GmbH, states: "We are delighted to welcome ARAG as a new client and to provide the solution to the challenges of an increasingly difficult environment. Institutional investors are increasingly recognising the need to digitise their monitoring and reporting and to integrate sophisticated analytical tools into their processes. Working with ARAG is a great example of how our team at AssetMetrix can support investors on their digital journey."

About AssetMetrix

AssetMetrix is Europe’s leading next generation asset servicer. We offer modular outsourcing solutions for private capital investors: front-, middle- and back-office solutions for Limited Partners and General Partners.

Our services enable private capital investors to free up their own resources for making investment decisions, benefit from our secure IT system and state-of-the-art analytics, and increase in-house transparency for optimal decision-making.

AssetMetrix has more than 20 years of experience as a service provider in institutional capital investment and operates without conflicts of interest.