Review, Growth, Report H1 2018

AssetMetrix continues its growth path

Europe’s leading next generation asset servicer remained on grow course in 2018 and is delighted to be able to serve a growing number of customers. With a workforce of 45 people, AssetMetrix currently manages portfolios with a total volume of over 10 billion euros and more than 900 individual funds. And the numbers are still rising. The trend is clear: more and more private capital investors are turning to modular outsourcing solutions to handle front-, middle- and back-office activities.

AssetMetrix has continued to develop its range of services over the past six months, constantly adapting well-established services to the needs of its clients. The Limited Partner Portal, which was launched just a year ago, has been completely revamped and features well-designed tables with “look-through” functionality and user-friendly, interactive graphics. AssetMetrix has also expanded its range of services for General Partners and now offers them the option of quarterly reporting via an online portal. Thanks to individual access rights, fund managers and their investors can access and analyze information that is relevant for their investments. Users also benefit from having fund information and performance data on a consolidated basis as well as being able to look through data down to a portfolio level.

More and more customers recognize the potential of working with AssetMetrix and are keen to use fintech-based services to optimize their own front, middle and back office processes. Alongside many other advantages, customers appreciate the technologically advanced solutions and the investment expertise provided by AssetMetrix. Just as important for them is the fact that AssetMetrix serves as a pure service provider, offering its services independently and without any conflicts of interest.