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In the realm of private equity, where extensive attention is dedicated to refining digital strategies for portfolio companies, this article emphasizes the critical importance of internal process and data flow management. Examining prevalent challenges faced by asset managers in private markets, the narrative unveils issues in data sourcing, presentation consistency, reference alignment, and unstructured data formats, impacting efficiency and quality of reports and analyses. The article advocates for proactive data management practices, exploring the tangible benefits and advantages gained by overcoming these challenges.

To set-up an operational structure suited to the increasing transparency needs, ARAG decided to strengthen selected internal functions (investment team, tax, legal & finance) whilst outsourcing the middle and back office as well as analytics to an expert service provider.

Key takeaways

  • Process Efficiencies: Working from a single, validated reference point reduces duplications and reconciliation efforts across various spreadsheets, liberating resources in investment teams.
  • Improved Output Quality: Consistent information output, derived from a reconciled and uniform source, enhances the quality of reports and analyses, aligning ESG reports with financial reports.
  • Consistency and Stability: Ensuring reliability in risk management and regulatory reporting through consistent data sources is highlighted as crucial for compliance.
  • Challenges and Investments: Acknowledging the substantial efforts required, particularly for smaller General Partners, the article stresses the necessity of initial investments in processes and tools for effective data management.

In the dynamic realm of private equity, the path to operational excellence lies in effective data management. Overcoming current challenges leads to streamlined processes, improved output quality, and actionable insights. Partnering with AssetMetrix provides a tailored solution, minimizing costs and accelerating operational efficiency. Embrace a future where data is your asset, and success is a collaborative venture with AssetMetrix.

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Discover challenges encountered by asset managers in private markets, advantages and tangible benefits that can arise from implementing effective internal data management practices, read the full insight here:
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