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Circle Eleven: Enhancing clarity and control through the AssetMetrix Investor Portal


Circle Eleven is one of the leading platforms for private equity fund investments for semi-institutional and private investors. As an investment boutique, Circle Eleven puts heavy focus on its relationship management.

Due to the complexity of the asset class, private/semi-institutional investors have a high requirement for information on their investments. Circle Eleven noticed its need for a technology enabled solution increasing, especially considering the strong growth of its semi-institutional clients and their constant demand for in-depth information on their portfolio.


The main goal was to provide investors with more transparency, security and comfort through a solution, based on the latest technology that would fulfill all regulatory and highest security standards.

Why AssetMetrix

Key reasons why AssetMetrix was chosen:

  • Most flexible solution that could be tailored directly to Circle Eleven’s needs
  • No need for internal tech capacities – maintenance free for client, especially in comparison to pure software solution
  • Full operational responsibility of technology stack – including cyber security being completely covered by AssetMetrix

“AssetMetrix has created a bespoke digital investor portal for us, which now acts as an integral part of our value chain. Dealing with an expert that not only understands the complexities of the private capital market but at the same time is flexible and solution-oriented has made this partnership a success. An indispensable offer to our clients!”

Kevin Gruber, Partner, Circle Eleven

Full case study

To gain a better understanding of the partnership, the solutions developed and the benefits created, find the full case study below:

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