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AssetMetrix to develop and operate an online investor portal for Circle Eleven

Circle Eleven, the Hamburg and Munich-based private equity boutique, is partnering with AssetMetrix to further enhance its investor communications with the help of the technology-enabled solution provider. As part of the collaboration, AssetMetrix was entrusted with the implementation and maintenance of the bespoke online investor portal.

Kevin Gruber, Partner at Circle Eleven, comments on the decision in favour of AssetMetrix: “Circle Eleven offers semi-institutional investors access to top-performing private equity funds via a flexible managed account solution. We want our clients to have an up-to-date and comprehensive view of their private equity portfolio and enabling subscriptions conveniently online – just as they know it from their online banking or online broker. AssetMetrix provides us and our customers with a tailor-made online portal. The solution is based on the latest technology and fulfils all regulatory requirements as well as the highest security standards – requirements that only an external expert in this field can guarantee. In this way we create more transparency and comfort for our customers and for ourselves freedom to focus on our main activity – the selection of the most promising investments.”

Gilles Pelosato, Chief Revenue Officer at AssetMetrix: “We are delighted to have gained the trust of Circle Eleven and look forward to providing the client with the infrastructure needed for their investor portals. The solution built and maintained will help Circle Eleven focus on its core business whilst gaining peace of mind that the technology and infrastructure for its portals is managed by an expert in both private markets and technology. Helping private capital clients achieve efficiency, scalability, and customer centricity through tech-enabled solutions, is at the core of what we do. We look forward to our partnership with Circle Eleven.”

About Circle Eleven

Circle Eleven was founded as a platform for private equity fund investments in 2014. For more than 300 semi-institutional investors and private clients the company is managing assets of approx. €500mn. The focus is on investments in private equity funds in North America and Europe. The highly experienced team is located in Hamburg and Munich.