Meet Dr. Manfred Beinhauer, who recently joined our Product Management team

Welcome to our new member of the Product Management team, Dr. Manfred Beinhauer who has recently joined our team in Munich. With the private capital sector facing unique challenges when it comes to digitalization, we are delighted to have an expert with strong financial services background helping our clients tackle these issues.

Find out more about Dr. Manfred Beinhauer, his experience, what made him join AssetMetrix and the role he will play in enabling AssetMetrix to transform the private markets space.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to joining AssetMetrix

My name is Manfred Beinhauer. I have been working in the Financial Services industry in the fields of Finance, Risk and Infrastructure / IT for more than 30 years. I started as a consultant, then held several senior positions (COO/CFO) at UBS for 15 years. In 2012 I joined Hypotheken Management, a loan servicer. After that, I founded FinTeam.EU in 2017. Before starting at AssetMetrix, I spent 4 years as the COO/CRO at Prime Capital. During the years at Prime Capital, I worked with AssetMetrix on one of the portfolios. With the private capital market still lacking efficient infrastructure, we had intense discussions on this topic. Based on the conviction that AssetMetrix is well on the way to building such an infrastructure, I decided to join this effort.

What does your role at AssetMetrix entail?

I am working in the Product Management area, as the responsible product manager for our Middle Office Data Services. Currently AssetMetrix is extending and enhancing its Product Management organization, so I am involved in the structuring of the enhanced organization together with my colleagues.

What are the major challenges in terms of digitalization you have so far seen in the private capital industry?

Some years ago, IT support for Private Markets was only rudimentary. Systems were missing, data was exchanged manually between parties in non-processable formats. Therefore, digitalization, based on an integrated data-layer, offers multiple opportunities to streamline processes. On top of that, better and wider access to data (including ESG-data) will help to improve investment decisions. Finally, quicker and more flexible analysis will make the field more transparent and investable to asset owners.

What are the future developments you are looking to help AssetMetrix with?

The recently extended and enhanced Product Management setup at AssetMetrix will help to focus the service offering of AssetMetrix on exactly the points made above: By providing a comprehensive platform for Private Market assets, improving the availability and reportability of data, and providing superior and tailored analytics, combined with a managed services offering, AssetMetrix is ideally placed to create maximum value for a wide range of clients in the industry.

What initially got you interested in private capital?

In some segments Private Market investments have become a real competition to the offering of traditional banks. Compared to experiences from my banking background, however, I found it surprising to see at which rudimentary level Private Market processes currently are. Applying some of the tools and experiences which have been developed at banks and their servicers also in this market is a challenge, which I am very interested in.

What future developments do you see in the industry?

Private Market investments have earned themselves an important share in investors’ portfolios in recent years. The industry has been able to gain some market share in the Private Debt field, for example, which is not serviced fully by the banks any longer for regulatory reasons. While growth may be slowing in the current environment, I would expect this trend to continue, making Private Market investments a common and accepted area in the asset allocation of investors.

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