AssetMetrix on future of analytics in Private Equity

Private Equity Wire Data Management & Analytics Report: Ushering in the future

In the context of Private Equity Wire’s Data Management & Analytics Report 2021, Marcus Pietz, Head of Analytics at AssetMetrix, addressed the developments in the field of data analytics in private equity.

In the interview, the analytics expert describes the potential of interactivity within data analytics and the positive effects for fund managers and investors. Interactive functions enable private capital companies to better plan their investment activities and give them the chance to act more proactively.

AssetMetrix’s data analytics solution enables clients to engage with the data they input in the system. In detail, this means that clients can not only receive data, but also interact with and manipulate it in different ways. It will be possible not only to filter data and work with existing calculations, but also to insert new information into the applications. In the future, the models will thus be able to react and continuously calculate new results.

Pietz gives an overview of the project, the cooperation with external partners and the development plans, especially for the increasingly popular area of private debt. Especially in the case of credit instruments, it is more complex and time-consuming to create such models oneself, which is why Pietz advises cooperation with specialised partners like AssetMetrix.

At AssetMetrix we aim to take the potential element of human error out of the equation. Marcus Pietz, Head of Analytics at AssetMetrix underscores: “We’re trying to industrialise the process around forward-looking analysis, to raise standards and inject a certain level of automation. This also means the models, and therefore the outputs, are more predictable because they are based on a single, common methodology.”

For more information on interactive analytics models, read the entire interview.

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