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Who we are

AssetMetrix as an international company, we are committed to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace to give our employees a sense of belonging and identification to our company. These aspects are the key to a sustainable working environment:

  • Diversity: A work environment that is enriched by the perspectives of its members and is inclusive of their different backgrounds. This helps to create a work culture in which everyone feels equally listened to and involved.
  • Inclusion: It is about giving equal access to opportunities and creating a culture that everyone feels valued for what they do.
  • Belonging: Employees feel accepted and even treasured by their organization and colleagues. Belonging is necessary for bringing out the best of everyone at work.

Working Students & Internship

At AssetMetrix you have the opportunity to gain experience in many different areas as a working student or in an internship. During your first year, you can earn 16 euros per hour, which automatically increases to 18 euros after one year. After your studies, there is also the possibility of being taken on.

Our testimonials

We interviewed some of our employees with different tenures from 10 months to 9 years, from different departments and positions Business Development, Marketing, Product & Technology, and Operations:

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

Our employees appreciate the interesting and innovative field of activities and the resulting challenges at AssetMetrix, which make the work very varied and diverse.

What is the best thing about our company culture?

Everyone agreed that the people who work for AssetMetrix make our company culture unique. The working environment is very open, international, helpful and everyone is there for each other. We are very proud to have such great colleagues at AssetMetrix.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend looking for a job?

On a scale where 10 is the highest score, we were rated an average of 8.9 points.

Success stories

Learn about some of the testimonials of working students and interns who have become permanent employees and an essential part of AssetMetrix.

What inspired you to choose AssetMetrix and continue with us after your time as a working student ?

  • Specialist Investment Static and Transaction Data

    I chose AssetMetrix because I had an interest in the Alternative Market. AssetMetrix being the FinTech service provider was a perfect fit to gain insightful knowledge about the different assets of the Alternative market. After I joined as a Working student, I learned a lot about Private Equity and the overall structure. The company have an open and friendly environment. Very helpful colleagues. You can reach out to anyone to learn across teams. This motivated me to stay a part of AssetMetrix and join as a full time.

  • Analyst Reporting / Controlling

    The private equity market is a business branch that always caught my interest, when I found out about AssetMetrix’s product and market placement, I knew I wanted to be a part of that. After graduation, I knew that I could continue to learn here at AssetMetrix, and the great environment that the company has, made me want to stay here for the longer run.

Share a specific moment or experience that had a significant impact on your time at AssetMetrix.

  • Head of Customer Success

    There are plenty of situations that were shaping my path at AssetMetrix. One moment that comes to my mind is not that long ago. We had to perform a very complex migration for one of our existing clients, which we service in a live environment. It was basically an open-heart surgery and there were so many things that could go wrong. In addition, we were facing pressure from the Managing Directors of our client as it was such as crucial project. It seemed like a task that had to fail. We brought together the experts from each team who needed to be involved and sorted out a plan for how this migration would work. The more we got into this project the more complex it became. However, we worked our way through all of the points, came up with solutions to tackle each issue and in the end, we actually successfully migrated the client. It was great to see how every member was using their individual expertise and strengths, which they’ve all built up in the last years and contributed individually to the success, but also how we were functioning as a team. It showed the growth each of us has been through and that we believed and trusted each other on that.

  • Business Analyst

    Once I made a mistake during a presentation, no one blamed me, and instead I received encouragement and professional suggestions from colleagues and managers.

How have your peers and your management supported your professional growth? How did you get to where you are in your current position?

  • Head of Business Solutions & Implementations

    I always felt the trust of my peers as well as management. This enabled me to take various opportunities such as taking part in cross-functional initiatives and becoming an expert in various fields that are relevant in the private capital sector. It later led to the possibility of founding my own team and making it a relevant factor in operations. I got into this position by identifying needs and gaps in the current structure that have not been currently served appropriately. While this certainly required some degree of ambition, analytical mindset, and curiosity regarding fields that have not been part of my original expertise, it would not be possible without the trust of peers and superiors.

  • HR Coordinator

    My professional growth owes much to my teammates. Their dedicated support, guidance, and mentorship have been invaluable. They not only generously shared their deep professional knowledge but also championed my ideas, fostering an environment of accountability and ownership. The management´s support in turning our team ideas to realization has been a valued and appreciated aspect of our team´s journey.

What aspects of our company’s culture or values have resonated with you the most?

  • Team Lead Reporting

    The international nature of the company’s workforce, with colleagues hailing from diverse parts of the world, has deeply resonated with me. This rich cultural tapestry fosters a unique and enriching perspective that contributes to a vibrant work environment. The friendly and cooperative atmosphere, where teamwork is highly valued, has also stood out as a fundamental aspect of the company’s culture that aligns well with my own values.

  • Specialist Investment Static and Transaction Data

    Openness and friendly environment, flexibility, and support from management.

How have you benefited from our company’s resources, facilities, or programs?

  • Head of Customer Success

    The company organized for instance a presentation training where we had an on-site coach on how to structure and perform presentations. Besides that, I also got supported by attending a mentorship program where I am getting professional advice on how to effectively lead and build up a department as well as getting in touch with other peers from different industries.

  • Team Lead Reporting

    The exceptional office facilities have significantly enhanced my work experience, creating a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration. The company’s events have played a crucial role in building a strong team spirit among colleagues, fostering better communication and camaraderie.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering joining our company?

  • HR Coordinator

    During this time, do not hesitate to ask for help and support from your colleagues, but at the same time remain curious and take the initiative to understand and analyze different situations on your own. Take responsibility for your work, be receptive to feedback, and make the necessary adjustments to your work.

  • Analyst Reporting / Controlling

    I was able to grow so much during my time here, having had the opportunity to take part in big projects, with important stakeholders, in a fast-paced environment, while still having a light and fun setting with competent and helpful teammates. I’d certainly join this company again if I was given the choice.

Get to know our HR

As Human Resources, we put our people in the center of our company. Our objective is to promote an open, diverse and collaborative way of working with focus on employee support, people development and attract & retain of talents.

Our Onboarding Process

Welcome Onboard!

The first days and weeks in a new company can be really challenging. Getting used to new processes, the internal way of working of the company, the set-up of the IT equipment and accesses to systems can be a lot at the beginning. That’s why we have set up a process to make landing in the company as easy as possible.

Buddy Concept

An efficient onboarding program ensures that new colleagues feel more confident in their initial period in the new workplace. That is why we at AssetMetrix work with the Buddy concept. We want new colleagues to have a warm welcome, support, and guidance during their start in the company. And what better option than a colleague who is already familiar with the company’s culture, company guidelines, team and tasks.

First Week at AssetMetrix

HR will welcome you to start the first steps of the onboarding and you will receive your IT Equipment on your first day. Your buddy or manager will welcome you into the team and support you in your new role in the company.

First Months at AssetMetrix

From now on you will gradually get more information about the company, the different departments and become familiar with your new activities. After one month you will have an interview with HR to share and give feedback on your first month experience in the company. In addition, during the first month’s meetings will be organized with the CEO and the Heads of each department in order to present you what they do and to give you more precise information. Feedback Interview after 3 and 6 months with the manager to keep track of probation period.

Contact our HR team

If you are interested in joining our team and shaping the future of asset management, we encourage you to submit your application to or check our career page! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your career goals!