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As a spin-off from a fund-of-funds manager with over 25 years of experience, our management team has faced many of the challenges we are seeing asset owners and managers being confronted with today. We speak to these market participants regularly and are dedicated to creating innovative solutions otherwise not found in the market. Find below more information on how we help them overcome their ESG challenges.

ESG Transparency for Asset Owners

We help you establish and promote ESG transparency on all levels throughout the investment cycle.

  • Identification, management and monitoring of ESG risks and opportunities – at manager and portfolio level
  • Collection of the appropriate documents and derivation of ESG scores using existing portfolio data
  • Generation of ESG information based on well-known frameworks such as UN SDGs, SASB & ILPA

ESG Management for Asset Managers

As your ESG management partner we support and provide you with a comprehensive and centralized ESG focused solution with in depth information for internal and external application.

  • Modern and differentiated approach to ESG management based on current ESG requirements: LP reporting, ESG risk management and impact investing
  • Capturing of data with sophisticated digital workflows, simplifying your data collection in an automatic and controlled manner
  • Enhancement of collected ESG data based on demonstrated and well-established frameworks: UN SDGs, SASB & PRI

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Understanding your needs and requirements is at the very center of what we do. Contact our team to discover the best way to solve your ESG challenges!

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